Recovery of Shares From IEPF

Recovery of Shares From IEPF

Recovery of Unclaimed Shares

Millions of traders and investors have put their hard-earned money into shares throughout the years, only to forget about them or lose them. Initially, investments in stocks were made using a physical share certificate. owever, today, investors' investments in a corporation in shares or debentures are distributed in physical share certificates. These paper shares/debentures were difficult to keep and easily destroyed or lost. It was challenging to store them securely in paper form since investors would ultimately lose or disassemble them for various reasons, such as transferring from one location to another or wear and tear on the share/physical shares to Demat. There could be various reasons for such a recovery of physical shares investing, listed below.

  • Recovery of Unclaimed Shares
  • Death of Original Shareholder
  • Lost Shares
  • Dismantled Shares
  • Torn Shares
  • Forgotten Shares
  • Share certificate format
  • Lost share certificate
  • Issue of share certificate

AMA Legal Solutions provides recovery of Unclaimed Dividend and Shares, Lost Shares, Broken Shares, Forgotten Shares in a new and unusual way. We have vast experience procuring such shares from firms in digital form and removing the difficulties of linking old stock certificates in your Demat accounts.

At AMA Legal Solutions, you will receive complete assistance with all of your inquiries and issues regarding physical share certificates, share transfers, duplicate share certificates, share transposition, physical shares to Demat, old stock certificates, share transfer certificate, IEPF share transfer, lost physical share certificate and so many more.

  • Share Transmission

Shares Transmission

Transfer of shares is a legal process that includes the transfer of shares from dead original shareholders to another person. The legal heir confronts difficulties in transferring shares due to mortality, bankruptcy, wedding, insanity, heredity, insolvency, or any other "statutory" reason other than natural transfer. When you register for share transmission with a corporation, you become the shareholder and the owner of all rights.

  • Possible Issues

Possible Issues and Our Assistance:

Share transmission is a complicated process that involves numerous elements such as taxation and many more. If you do not have experienced representation, your process may get more challenging. AMA Legal Solutions assists our esteemed clients with various Share Transmissions difficulties like the list of shares transferred to IEPF; unclaimed dividend transferred to IEPF, IEPF share transfer, and many more.

IEPF Share Transfer:

What Is IEPF?

IEPF (Investors Education and Protection Fund) is an essential government entity that regulates all the company's unclaimed dividends, recovery of unclaimed dividend recovery of shares from IEPF, IEPF share recovery, unclaimed dividend, duplicate share recovery, lost share recovery shares, deposits, etc. It was founded under Section 125 of the Companies Act, 2013.

Why was investment shifted to the IEPF?

  • There is no record of previous and physical investments.
  • Physical share certificates and documentation are being lost.
  • Name change due to marriage, divorce, voluntary action, etc.
  • Shares in the names of parents and grandparents
  • Unclaimed dividend warrants.

You can get your transferred share from IEPF with your right hand. AMA Legal Solutions is the perfect place for you. We recover physical shares from IEPF and help you get hassle-free solutions for lost share recovery.

What are IEPF Claims & Refunds?

The IEPF was established to defend the interests of investors. It also raises investor awareness by making all information available on its website. This website, however, does not offer any investment evaluation or advice. People frequently fail to claim their shares after the corporation has transferred them to IEPF. If IEPF has held your money, you must trace it down and file a claim as soon as possible. Crores of unclaimed money have been accumulating at the IEPF in the shape of old stock shares, debentures, dividends, and more.

AMA Legal Solutions is a pioneer in recovering equity shares from the IEPF. Dealing with bureaucracy is difficult in India, but our well-recognized expertise has settled IEPF Claims in the most complicated situations.

  • Tracing

Tracing Unclaimed Investments:

AMA Legal Solutions is an expert in tracking and identifying financial investments such as shares for investors worldwide who have invested in Indian financial instruments. Our data analytics team consists of top thinkers who have access to accurate data from the public and other sources, analyzed to establish whether the assets belong to a particular investor or their descendants.

  • TPhysical shares to Demat

Physical shares to Demat services:

A Demat account is comparable to a bank account for your shares in that it maintains your shares in computerized form with the number of shares displayed. It also allows you to sell or buy shares with a single click, rather than compiling many forms and executing transfer deeds, often misused or misplaced. AMA Legal Solutions offers alliances with prominent banks and brokerage firms to let you create a Demat Account anywhere in the world with minimal hassle.

  • Succession Certificate

Probate & Succession Certificate

The transfer of investments from a deceased shareholder to legal heirs is controlled by numerous regulations such as the Hindu Succession Act, the Indian Succession Act, etc. When a person dies after leaving a Will, this is known as testate succession. On the other hand, intestate succession happens when a person dies without leaving a Will. AMA Legal Solutions provide skilled legal assistance in both instances. Legal heirs must apply to the courts for Probate of Will based on the jurisdiction in which the Will was written and the jurisdiction in which the immovable assets are located.

  • Legal Support

Legal Support Services

AMA legal solution offers a wide range of legal assistance services, including arbitration, dispute resolution, and SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers)/SAT (Securities Appellate Tribunal)/NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal )proceedings. In addition, we have a full-service legal team to handle Probate/Succession procedures and permit the transmission of investments to lawful heirs. We also look into the matters related to all kinds of Labour Laws and N.I. Act.

Solutions for Recovering Unclaimed Investments:

Work with a reputed financial and legal expert to quickly recover your shares or profits. AMA Legal Solutions has worked with several customers throughout the world to recover unclaimed dividends, including –

  • IEPF unclaimed shares
  • Transfer of shares from IEPF
  • Recovery of old or lost shares
  • Issue of duplicate shares
  • The claim of shares or dividends from IEPF
  • Unclaimed dividend transferred to IEPF
  • Share transfer certificate
  • IEPF share transfer
  • Lost physical share certificate
  • Duplicate share recovery
  • Lost share recovery.

We understand that the claims process is always tedious and complicated. On the other hand, AMA Legal Solutions provides expert legal assistance in all situations. They offer a gamut of services, including recovery of shares, recovery of unclaimed dividend, recovery of shares from IEPF, IEPF share recovery, duplicate share recovery, lost shares recovery, recovery of physical shares from IEPF, recovery of physical shares, and many more. Offer a wide range of services.

  • We offer a convenient solution.
  • We are looking into your issue.
  • Finally, we will analyze your situation.

Our expert legal staff is there to assist you in every situation and step. We believe that you work hard to earn your money. Our solutions always include three key components:

Suppose you are looking for better assistance or need formatting, name correction, or other assistance in creating a certificate. In that case, AMA Legal Solutions provides comprehensive support in every aspect, even if you have lost your valuable certificates.

We never blame our customers for this situation; sometimes we forget, and sometimes we lose. We understand this; that's why we provide support. Suppose you are looking for better assistance or need formatting, name correction, or other support in creating a certificate; AMA Legal Solutions provides comprehensive assistance in every aspect, even if you have lost your valuable certificates. We never blame our customers for this situation; sometimes we forget, sometimes we lose. We do understand you; that's why we provide support.

Read the following certificates we assist with reasonable fee:
  • We generate your lost share certificate.
  • We help you in creating Share Certificate Format.
  • We provide Demat support of physical shares.
  • We recover your old stock certificates and maintain the records for future customers' consent.
  • We help to generate physical share certificates and duplicate share certificates.
  • We help you to resolve the issue of duplicate share certificates.
  • We help you to fix duplicate share certificate issues.
  • We also help you determine each and every issue of the share certificate.
  • Support
Do you support us in every situation?

Our primary goal is to answer every client's queries. And if we have a team to deal with it. It's not like we're working overtime or overtime; Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We said we love our jobs, and we meant it. We have some queries that our previous clients have asked constantly, and they always know about it as they always have many questions like how to claim shares from IEPF? What is the process, etc. and so on:Let's take a look at some of them: